Spain Wins Its First-Ever World Cup Championship

by Ryan on July 11, 2010

in International Relations,Sports

Spain defeated the Netherlands (or the “Neverlands” since they are 0-3 in WC finals) in a plodding 1-0 match which had to go into in extra time.  Here are some highlights:

I have to be honest on this one — the game sucked.  It’s once again pretty evident why professional soccer is not going to catch-on in the USA in the near future:  conceivably, you could have turned the game on at 2:30pm EDT, simply passed out, suddenly woke up at 4:45pm realizing that you were missing out, and you would have still seen a 0-0 score.  Unfortunately, that’s not an anomaly in soccer.  However, in other sports defense is sometimes great to watch — the pitcher’s duel, the 3-3 football game in the snow, the low-scoring NCAA playoff basketball game where anything could happen.  But in soccer, it’s tedious!

Plus, the referee did his best Buzz Killington impression throughout the game by yellow carding everyone and their sister.  Let them play — it’s the frickin’ World Cup Championship match!  Every little tap on the toe does not require a yellow card at this level of play!  Granted, the “Neverlands” were trying to out muscle Spain as an intimidation tactic, but Spain kept their cool and scored in the 116th minute (yup, that was nearly 2.5 hours in).

See you in Brazil 2014, World Cup — maybe your championship matches will be as cool as your 3rd place match, which really was great to watch!

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