Liberal/Progressives: Obama’s Not Doing Enough

by Ryan on July 12, 2010

in Economy,Election 2010,Media Bias,Politics

Here’s a piece from the Politico which is highly revealing.  It describes the reasons why the liberal/progressives among are upset at the Obama Nation, in their own words.  Some libs are even experiencing “despair,” which is funny because the Democrats have had more institutional power over the last 18 months than at any time since the 1960s, but I digress.

Some of their complaints:  the economy is getting in the way of their agenda, Obama is not radical enough, the Republicans are simply obstructing everything, and it will ultimately take some time before their radical agenda will be fully implemented.

Just a quick response:  the economy remains bad because of their anti-business progressive policies, Obama is philosophically outside the political mainstream, the Republicans can’t really stop anything (rather, they’ve been welcoming debate), but I do get the sense that by November they know the party’s over.

They are losing because they are being rejected — this administration’s penchant toward statism is pretty unambiguous and the people get it.  It’s like the libs are looking in the mirror, but ignoring their reflection.  At least that’s a start, though.

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