Whispers of Hillary 2012 Get Louder

by Ryan on July 15, 2010

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The key moment in this saga happened in early June when loyal Clintonite James Carville openly bashed Obama’s handling of the oil spill in front of the MSM.  This was a sign to those loyal to the Hillary faction to buck up because it’s not over yet — there might be a chance in 2012.  I wrote about this back on June 6.

Well now the Wall Street Journal is speaking aloud about the prospects for a Democrat primary battle in 2012.  The article is a little delusional — what’s our response to the most divisive and inept figure in current American politics?  Let’s nominate and elect another ridiculously divisive figure in current American politics, who according to the article, sounds more like a conservative Republican come to save the day!

Oh, by the way the article overlooks that Hillary agrees with Obama on just about all of what he’s done, and if she doesn’t agree with him she’s acquiesced nonetheless.  The problem is not that Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing — he’s doing what he knows:  he’s a progressive implementing a progressive agenda.  Hillary would be merely a shrill, slightly toned-down but just as condescending version of the same nonsense.

Like 2008, the country will not embrace more of the same in 2012, which will likely be a “change” election.

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MoogieP July 15, 2010 at 8:45 am

I wonder who got the photo of her lounging around the house in the comfy attire that reveals her inner self?


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