HHS Wants to Know How Fat You Are

by Ryan on July 16, 2010

in Culture,Health Care

So, when they agreed to make health records electronic (which I think on the surface is a great idea), who knew that these records would necessarily include your BMI (body mass index) which describes one’s level of obesity?

HHS knew, but don’t think this is another Obama Care “oops there it is.”  This change was put in the Stimulus of all places!  Yes, the Stimulus (!) gave the HHS Secretary authority to issue new regulations tied to these electronic health records.  This now includes your BMI.

However, BMI isn’t always a reliable pudge indicator, but certainly more p.c. than listing one’s “waist circumference.”  My BMI is 25.1, just over the line into “overweight” territory, which would surprise many who know me.  Also, back in the 1990s Michael Jordan’s BMI was 27 to 29, nearly hitting the “obese” threshold of 30 — who knew?

Philosophically, I don’t care one bit about your fatness (aside from aesthetic beach reasons).  If you want to pound Twinkies all day and wash them down with mama’s old-style sausage biscuit gravy, go right ahead… but don’t make us pay for it! That’s what nationalized health schemes force us to do — to suddenly care about your physical girth because it affects my wallet’s girth, which frustrates everyone involved.

However, you still have the right to be fat for now.  This new regulation is likely designed to gather data and track trends to guide the inevitable government rationing boards once Obama Care goes into full effect.

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