The NAACP’s Racist Snafu

by Ryan on July 20, 2010

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So here’s a little hypocrisy for you:  The NAACP decided last week to scold the Tea Party for alleged racism within the ranks of the new movement, but didn’t have much to say about a racist recently speaking to their own ranks until that person was exposed.

Here’s Shirley Sherrod, the USDA’s Director of Rural Development in Georgia, talking to the NAACP about her experience with a struggling white farmer:

The NAACP had to wait for Fox News to publish the story before condemning Sherrod, who was just resigned from the USDA.  Notice the chuckles from the audience.

Also notice that the date of the speech is March 27, 2010.  So, I guess the NAACP will not just tolerate, but chuckle along with a black racist for four months only condemning her once she’s been exposed by the press.  Way to man-up there NAACP, your group used to be something noble.

UPDATE:  Turns out the incident Sherrod spoke about was 24 years ago and she is friends with the white family — apparently she’s not a racist, she’s a Marxist!  Yet, she was still denounced by the NAACP and the regime without investigation… hmm…

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