NJ Democrat Plant Revealed

by Ryan on July 21, 2010

in Election 2010,New Jersey,Politics

Peter DeStefano is running as a Tea Party candidate in New Jersey’s 3rd District against Republican Jon Runyan to battle Democrat incumbent John Adler this Fall.  The problem is that DeStefano has not been endorsed by the Tea Party and his name only emerged after a poll commissioned by Democrat Adler was taken.  DeStefano has also spent much more time attacking Runyan than Adler.  Suspicious?  The West Jersey Tea Party has called the candidacy fraudulent and DeStefano a “shill” for the Democrats.

That makes sense.  Adler’s not dumb here:  get the Republicans and Tea Party fighting each other to push them off message.  Even encourage DeStefano to use the “NJ Tea Party” title on the ballot for the Fall.  Also, this incident exposes a fundamental problem for Tea Parties anywhere:  in such a grassroots bottom-up amorphous organization, how does one standardize the candidates and message without leaving the door open for shills and Democrat insurgents like DeStefano?

Tough call.  I like the non-organizational feel of the Tea Party, but eventually safeguards have to be put in place to prevent these kinds of things from happening.  We’ll see how well the Tea Party deals with all this, but one thing is certain — they must be making an impact if they’re being targeted like this!

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