NAACP Snafu Revisited

by Ryan on July 22, 2010

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Yesterday, the administration and the NAACP were in total damage-control mode as the Sherrod video exposed much more than just her racist comments taken out of context:  the NAACP released apologies and full tapes, while the administration was offering Sherrod her job back, and the MSM was predictably blaming the messenger — I even heard on CNN this morning (I was only flipping through to Fox) that Andrew Breitbart, who first released the edited tapes, should be investigated!  Um, no.  Breitbart could, however, reveal the shady source who only gave him the out-of-context snippet we saw on Monday!  Be careful what you wish for.

However, I did read a thoughtful piece on why the NAACP is so upset at the Tea Party.  Robert Weissburg writing for the American Thinker argues that the civil rights movement has produced the biggest, most all encompassing big government policies imaginable since World War II.  If there’s no more government sponsored race business, then the ever-expanding role and power of the government must wane and the current NAACP diminishes with it.  That’s where the anti-big government Tea Party comes in as such a threat to the status quo at the NAACP.  Interesting point.

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Sarah July 22, 2010 at 8:20 am

Such a great post. Keep it up!


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