The “Public Option” Still Lurks

by Ryan on July 23, 2010

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Of course, when Tom Harkin called the Obama Care monstrosity merely a “starter home” we all knew the push for the public option and ultimately the statist goal of a single-payer system would not be too far behind.  Well, here it is:  about 130 Democrats have put their support behind adding a public option to Obama Care as a way to cut the deficit (!) by $68 billion by 2020.  Do you know how spending more money covering more people cuts the deficit?  The CBO admits that the deficit cuts would come as a result of tax increases!  Shocking, I know.

Why all this concern about the deficit from Dems spending us into oblivion?  Easy.  It’s all about November 3, the day after the election.  Obama’s already set things into motion through his joke of a deficit commission and sounding like a deficit hawk in a speech yesterday (go to 2:12 and get ready to either laugh or puke).  Deficit cutting should be the main Dem talking point in the Fall behind “Republican tea-baggers are racist!

So, the Dems will play the game that somehow Republicans will be in the way of making the tough choices on what to cut.  Obama and the Dems increase non-discretionary spending to ridiculously unsustainable heights, then will tear at Republicans for not wanting to play the deficit cutting game by being mean to poor people, seniors and our grandchildren.  Second verse, same as the first.  In their world, government expansion means cutting the deficit.  They really think we’re stupid.

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rich July 23, 2010 at 9:19 pm

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