Paul Ryan’s Road Map and Why Republicans Suck

by Ryan on July 24, 2010

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I used to call myself a Republican, but haven’t for a number of years now.  The answer is simple:  they suck.  A friend aptly once described our two parties as the Stupid Party (Republicans) and the Evil Party (Democrats):  “stupid” because Republicans never miss an opportunity to jump on their own sword even in the face of success, and “evil” because to the Dems it’s all about the blind accumulation of power.  My advice has often been to divorce oneself from the parties, embrace a philosophy, then vote smartly.

Paul Ryan’s “Road Map” is likely not the answer to all our fiscal problems, but it is a bold start and a sharp contrast to what’s being offered in Washington to deal with the biggest impending financial calamity of our lifetimes:  the coming Entitlement Crisis, or the difference between what we’ve been promised and what government will be able to deliver.  The Road Map is an opportunity to move Independents proudly under a fiscally conservative banner, push the Republicans to the right again all while making tough national choices easier while that is still an option.

But, “ruling class” Republicans are not discussing it.  Obviously, the Republican leadership doesn’t understand the Tea Party movement, where it came from or where it’s headed, otherwise they’d be all over this idea — discussing it openly, the good, bad and ugly.  But, Ryan hears crickets, and the Republicans seem on the verge of making a critical political error by not offering a true contrast with Democrats.  Oh, they’ll likely win pretty big in the Fall, but to what end?  This is why Republicans continue to suck.  Whether or not the Road Map is any good, Ryan is at least talking seriously about bold and true reforms.

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