WikiLeak’s Leftist Agenda

by Ryan on July 27, 2010

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Yesterday came news that the leftist site WikiLeaks produced over 90,000 pages of documents allegedly blowing the whistle on “war crimes” during the Afghan War through 2009, coincidentally making sure to keep the Obama Nation clean in all of this.

As many have aptly noted, the information in these leaked documents tells us nothing new:  we knew that some in Pakistan were playing both sides, that there have been civilian casualties (it is a war, right?), Iran’s involved somehow, etc.  However, these kinds of leaks expose names and situations which can threaten ongoing operations and soldiers in the field.  That’s why the leaker and his aids need to be rooted out, investigated, and thrown in jail.

However, WikiLeaks is a leftist group with an agenda beyond finding the truth.  They released a video a few months back allegedly showing a deliberate US bombing of civilians in Iraq.  The MSM jumped all over it since the story, “Collateral Murder,” and video fit their template of the evil US soldier. WikiLeaks was happy to oblige, but here’s the thing:  their transcripts and interpretations of the 40-minute video were wrong and misleading at the expense of our soldiers.  Here’s more proof that those reporters and civilians were in a legitimate combat zone.  Note, too, that the video was from 2007 — another swipe at the Bush Administration, leaving the Obama Nation unscathed.

That video and the latest transcripts are real, but their context and the motive behind their release has a blatantly transparent leftist agenda which will do more harm than good while at the same time distorting the truth of these events on purpose.

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