Target: Fat Kids in American Schools

by Ryan on August 3, 2010

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Yesterday, Neil Cavuto argued with nutritionist Mitzi Dulan on the White House’s plan to have Congress pass $4.5 billion over the next decade to make school lunches healthier.  While sold as giving our kids “choice,” it’ll be the exact opposite.  While I think Cavuto gave a terrible Chris Matthews-like interview (the kind where he doesn’t let his guest finish their thoughts), he brought up a great point about government overreach in so many areas, now including food.  This encroachment has even made it to the healthiness of concession stands at sporting events!

I have written about my attitude towards your fatness and its relation to Obama Care in the past, but it remains a relevant freedom issue.  Our kids are fat and our nation is getting fatter — the numbers are all there, and you just need to go somewhere public for a while to notice all the pudge our society carries.

Pat Buchanan and Dinesh D’Souza have both promoted this concept:   You ask an immigrant, “Why do you want to come to America?”  The immigrant responds, “Why wouldn’t I?  I’d love to move to a place where the poor people are fat.” True, America has the richest poor people in the world and too many of them are fat, which is the curse found in the blessing.  Parents need to step-up or speak-up on this issue or the government will take away another freedom we have for “our own benefit,” and the door is left open to a deeper government infringement into the lives of our families.

As an aside:  strangely, this spoof trailer of the film V for Vendetta got me laughing pretty hard in a “Green Police“-turned-”Food Police” kind of way.

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