Missouri Voters Reject Obama Care

by Ryan on August 4, 2010

in Election 2010,Health Care,Politics

Proposition C, prohibiting the mandatory purchasing of health care found in the new ObamaCare law, passed with 71% support in the “Show Me” state yesterday.  Missouri voters gave a resounding “NO!” to federal government coercion of average citizens to purchase a product or face penalties and fines.  Federal law will probably trump state law in this case, but a clear message was sent.

Upon further review, ObamaCare is looking worse and worse predictably.  Here’s the latest interpretation of the labyrinthine bureaucracy created by Congress last March:

Makes perfect sense, right?  Well-oiled machine, I’m sure.  At least Missouri sent a message yesterday that I hope Republicans in Congress pay attention to — “repeal and replace” seems to be a winner at least in the traditional bellwether state of Missouri.

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