$26 Billion More Stimulus Waste

by Ryan on August 9, 2010

in Economy,Election 2010,Politics

With over $400 billion of last year’s stimulus slush-fund still unspent, it should be a no-brainer as to where to get extra money to pay for jobless benefits, school budget gaps, Medicaid short-falls, etc., without adding to our ridiculous deficit.  Alas, not in these times — not with election year Democrats in charge!

The House is meeting today to vote on an extra $26 billion for Medicaid and school budget gaps, in a kind of miniature state bailout fund.  So, San Fran Nan is going to let the $400 billion remain idle for now and is perfectly fine with that, but we need to add another $26 billion of brand new debt or else?

Yup, then blame Republicans this Fall for being mean by opposing it.  They’re also likely to point out how virtuous their fellow Democrats are for spending more of your grandkid’s money on union kick-backs and state bailouts.  How noble.  I think this move is merely fodder to jazz up the Dem’s union base — this Fall will likely be an electoral bloodbath, but the Dems still need to keep the damage from getting out of control.

I’d hate to think what else they have up their sleeves for this Fall’s campaign.

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