Recovery Summer at the East Point Housing Authority

by Ryan on August 12, 2010

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Here was the scene yesterday at the East Point Housing Authority in Atlanta, where ten thousand applications for Section 8 housing became available and 30,000 people showed up:

While tense, only a few were treated or hospitalized for heat and other issues while no arrests or violence occurred.  Just a lot of frustration and video evidence that “Recovery Summer” is a joke.

At 3:14 the correspondent implies that the Housing Authority director believes the drive to be a success.  I don’t doubt this — she’s a government functionary, a cog in the system.  Minus a riot, ten thousand people got their government goodies.  Scratch a check in the box.  A good day’s work.

The terrible question is this:  do these kinds of government social workers ever truly want welfare to end, unemployment to go down significantly, families to be functional and not need state intervention, or affordable housing mandates to be phased out or restricted?  Not really.  Their job security depends on social ills being present and passively prop-up its preponderance if one listens to their tone and perspective.  The demand for goodies is up?  That means more job security for the functionary.  That’s a sad and somewhat tragic thing in this day and age — keep them treated, not cured, and they’ll always need you.

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