Don’t Build the Ground Zero Mosque

by Ryan on August 17, 2010

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Freedom of religion, bad taste, national and local leaders gaffing or retracting or opposing.  New developments, twists, turns, breaking news, clarifications, jokes.  This seems like an August slow news-type story sometimes.

That’s not to say this isn’t an important issue.  Whenever Americans get to a point where our rights and freedoms begin to infringe on those of others a simple point emerges:  just because you can do something, it does not follow that you must do that thing;  sensibilities are also involved in navigating through a civil society.

For example:  pieces of landing gear from Flight 175 hit the building where the Cordoba Mosque is to be built — it’s part of a crime scene, part of our history, and should not be made into a cultural or international political game.  The local board should have considered that.  There’s already a mosque about ten blocks away from the proposed site and I completely agree with those who believe that building this mosque at that site is a not only a deliberate provocation, but might possibly be against Islamic teachings.  Even many Muslims believe this is in bad taste which will benefit no one in the long-run.

Plus, if nothing else, think of the liberal/progressive angle:  how many poor and suffering Muslims in destitute areas of the world could be fed by the $100 million this mosque will cost?  Ha!  Let the plebs eat their dirt cakes!

I wonder if the Left will show this much energy and sensitivity defending creches this Christmas.  Moot point, I know, but don’t build the mosque — nothing good can come from it.

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Spaniard August 22, 2010 at 10:05 am

It doesn’t make any sense to build that mosque. As an Spaniard I take as an insult the use of the Cordoba name, a town in Southern Spain. Before being conquered by the muslims it was claimed by the Celts, the Visigoths, the Romans and probably other tribes. Of all these cultures the only one rejected by the population were the muslims. The only thing remaining in Spain from these people is around 6% (six per cent) of their blood in our veins, a few mosques and some words in the Spanish language. The myth of a city where Christians, Jews and Muslims lived in armony is a myth. The Christian population moved in huge number to the Christian North and eventually drove the invaders out (so much for armony). Don’t build that mosque until the muslims can prove to the Western culture that they have values consistent with the Western values. They don’t, for the time being. Mine is not a religious point of view but a cultural one. These days when most Western countries have religion separated from politics it doesn’t make sense to promote a religion from countries were religion drives politics.


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