New Jersey, Now That’s Just Retarded

by Ryan on August 17, 2010

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In New Jersey, the state legislature letting the politically correct police exorcise the phrase “mentally retarded” from all legislation, has replaced it with the moderately Orwellian “intellectual disability” or “developmentally disabled.”  OK, it is an official document and “retarded” is a tad colloquial, however the law also promotes the blatantly Orwellian editing of all past laws to reflect the new politically correct terms!

The insidious nature of political correctness is that it implies that we self-censor, even making it seem trendy or modern to do so, mocking or scolding those who choose not to engage in their own self-censorship.  I have written previously on the “retarded” issue regarding Rahm Emanuel’s gaffe last year.  I’m just a little peeved about this because I can anticipate being the word police one more time in the hallways of my high school in a couple of weeks.

Here’s an anecdote:

At my school we once had a direct initiative spearheaded by all administrators to have the teachers help eliminate the word “gay” within a negative context from all conversation anywhere in the building.  We even established specially dedicated “safe zones” with rainbow triangle signs in the building, which were quickly ridiculed as “free-speech-free zones.”  Every kid in the school was suddenly and has been since calling everyone else “gay” to the point where now it’s became a vernacular way to say that something displeases you.

In fact, seeing that it bugs the teachers only incites more use.  And are you going to suspend a child for their negative use of the word “gay” when the same punishment is doled out for someone who smashed a girl’s face at lunch?  Futile — as may be being the “retarded” police in the hallways next year.

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