Pelosi Intimidating Mosque Critics

by Ryan on August 18, 2010

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The House Speaker Nancy Pelosi can’t turn off being ridiculous.  Here’s a news clip from yesterday when she indicated that someone (not Congress, of course, she mentions in a later “clarification”) should look into who is funding the Ground Zero mosque’s opponents:

Hey, since I’m a critic, I’d like to know where I should grab my check from, right?  Who’s funding Harry Reid to be a critic of the mosque, then?  Crickets, I’m sure.

No one’s scared of San Fran Nan anymore, and this feeble attempt at intimidation is laughable.  More importantly, though, is that everyone should be truly focused on New York State Attorney General, former Clintonista, and Democrat candidate for governor Andrew Cuomo and his lack of investigating where the mosque’s funding is truly coming from.  But, then again, Cuomo supports the mosque and he’s leading in his bid for New York governor — the Dems will need victories in the Fall.

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