Youngsters Hard of Hearing

by Ryan on August 18, 2010

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A new study has found that teens nowadays have more hearing problems than we did growing up.  Headphones of any type have always been blamed for some hearing loss, but Millennials apparently have it worse.  Roughly 14.9% of my group had hearing issues as teens, while 20% of kids today have noticeable problems.

They say earbuds are to blame.  I personally don’t like earbuds — they keep falling out and you can’t workout with them unless you purchase a special kind.  On the other hand, I eventually take them out.  Some kids leave them in all day long, taking that whole “life’s soundtrack” thing a little too literally, I think, apparently to their detriment!

But, they are trendy and here to stay.  I just hope the nanny state, knowing what’s best for us all, doesn’t move to ban them.

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anthony March 4, 2011 at 2:23 am

Iam hard of hearing it going to be kinda hard to explain it. Long story short I had work for a medical construction . There days I work at night or go out of state to work or work overtime. anyway I worked for 3 different foremans I work in union city nj with this carpenter just turn foreman he was talking behind my back to the head foreman getting him all workup about me. I work with my partner he also carpenter we get along great and we get things done together for a couple mos on this job. Next thing we went to delaware together to work for maybe a mos .. the foreman in delaware was very happy the job got done .. I went back to union city nj i was there for maybe a couple week then my foreman asked me to go ny do ajob in mannhattan so we went to ny my partner. we was painting a few room I hate to say it he did a sloppy job. I got laidoff … I spoke him today for maybe about 3 mos asking him how u doing and he told me he cant get out his head . he told me u got laid off because what I did I ask what did u do i did the bad paint job . they thought u did it I told him I did it u should hired him back there like no i dont want him because everyone back stabe one other u think it fair to me to get laidoff …. anthony


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