Imam Rauf Exposed

by Ryan on August 23, 2010

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You can’t try to hide who you are in the Internet Age.  That goes for politicians and imams alike!

Today, the Imam Rauf’s intentions were exposed by the Atlas Shrugs blog.  It’s pretty damning and reveals the planned Cordoba mosque mastermind for the Islamist he is.  Check out the piece — it’s remarkably thorough and worth an in-depth look.

Basically, Rauf is no moderate or bridge-builder (not that anyone was buying that line anyway).  He’s an Islamist, who along with his wife, Daisy Khan, know how manipulate the willing rubes in the MSM — if you don’t like the mosque, you’re a hater.  As we all know using that card admits you’ve lost the intellectual argument.

Let’s face it, the Cordoba mosque will merely be an Islamist victory flag planted on hallowed ground.

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