Whoa there! Obama’s Not Done Yet

by Ryan on August 24, 2010

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A month ago, I elaborated on those who thought that James Carville’s criticism of Obama on the Gulf Oil Leak was opening salvo from Hillary’s 2012  Presidential campaign.  Then, outlets like the UK Telegraph and Neil Cavuto took it further, hypothesizing that Obama may not even run at all in 2012!

It is true that Obama always seems to be running for his next office:  as Senator he was running for President, and now as President he’s running for some kind of UN/internationalist gig a few years after he leaves office, whenever that will be.

Entertaining the idea that he’s purposefully serving one term, there are a few issues to consider:  first, the minute Obama were to signal he’s leaving he’s a lame duck, and since being number 2 is not his style I don’t see him doing that — by the time we know, it won’t matter;  secondly, he thinks he’s doing B+ work, though recently has uttered “incomplete,” which in college ends up as much an A as a D- depending on who’s grading; and don’t believe a deeply arrogant fellow like our President thinks he won’t deserve a second term despite what happens.

Most importantly, though, I think we’re all missing something about August and Presidential approval numbers.  Bush always tanked in August and bounced back by mid-September.  Obama’s not done yet — he still has power, and even with an impending Republican Congress he’s set up plenty of agencies and czars to bypass them anyway.

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