“Restoring Honor” Rally a Success

by Ryan on August 30, 2010

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In case you missed it, Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally in Washington was a complete success, focusing on honoring our troops and their sacrifices as well as focusing on returning to God.  I watched the first hour on C-Span Saturday morning through Sarah Palin’s speech honoring those serving in the military.  She was slated to speak not as a politician about politics, but as the mother of a son fighting overseas.

Some have argued about the crowd size or complained about the timing of the event (though when Beck planned the rally, no one had yet booked August 28th).  It was very crowded on the Mall and was a respectful gathering about things most people can agree on or at least defend one’s right to say.  Even the MSM felt like they had to report on it, though I blame a slow-news Saturday for that, which in and of itself is a huge success for the message.

Were there winners and losers as a result of this rally?  Whatever Beck would like to think, his rally was a political act, though not in a conventionally partisan way.  It was overtly anti-progressive, needling them incessantly with the religious overtones and support for our troops.  The progressive Left can have no real response which would resonate outside their base, while Beck’s message definitely has outreach and enfranchisement during these hard times written all over it.  It was a success in that sense.

Your move, lefties.

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