Union Dribble at Dinner

by Ryan on September 2, 2010

in Election 2010,New Jersey,Politics

Like many in the public sector, I belong to a union — four of them in fact, including the noxious NEA.  So, I had the opportunity to attend a dinner sponsored by my most local union this evening (why not, I’m paying nearly $1,200 a year to subsidize this dinosaur!) and heard a member of the NJEA complain about the recent statist attempts to fleece the taxpayer by actually saying this was what hurt the union:

“[Our membership] has seemed to forgotten just how hard their jobs are.”

Um… I’ll let you take it from here.

I both held back laughing and gave a colleague an eye-brow, which told the rest of the story.  This fellow went on to say that apparently the unions need to “organize in their communities” and really take it to Chris Christie (who if I didn’t know better was more evil than Satan) by being more aggressive and in-your-face.  How to do that without guns I don’t know, but if this is where the teachers unions are in Jersey, Christie’s already won.

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