Obamacare was Supposed to Lower Costs — Ha!

by Ryan on September 9, 2010

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Who on God’s green Earth actually believed that Obamacare was going to really lower health care costs in this country?  That’s putting blinders on the economic history of government market interference, as well as being counter intuitive because lowering costs would make the health insurance industry stronger and more popular — two things that can’t happen if you eventually need the public behind a single-payer Canadian-style system, which is the Left’s ultimate goal.

As it turns out (and I know this will shock you), the Medicare Actuary Office crunched some numbers and simply put, the new Obamacare law is going to raise the cost of health care sooner and more than supporters expected.  From the people that messed up an already flawed Social Security system, who’ve bankrupted Medicare and Medicaid, ruined public education, the post office and Amtrak, and who dared produce the Chevy Volt with a straight face, etc. some expected that unlike ALL this other stuff, the government would get the calculations of their major interference into the health care industry correct.

That’s right, to those folks outcomes aren’t important, only intentions.

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