Reverend Jones Not Going to Burn the Koran

by Ryan on September 10, 2010

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The Reverend Terry Jones has decided not to go ahead with his planned Koran-burning on Saturday.  Reverend Jones was going to use the ninth anniversary of 9/11 to have his anti-Islam, anti-mosque protest.

However, after intense pressure from just about everyone and coming to an agreement with those in charge of the proposed Ground Zero mosque, Jones has backed down.  Yet, the mosque people have denied Jones’ claim that a bargain was reached to move the mosque.  True or not, Jones has successfully put the mosque builders on the defensive and even wants to meet with them tomorrow.

I’ve never been a fan of burning as a form of protest.  Why not burn some Korans, then Lady Gaga’s new album, finishing the morning off with copies of the movie Avatar, and for an afternoon treat let’s bring back a “Disco Sucks!” rally for that matter?  Yawn.

What puzzles me is how Muslims around the world are freaking out, acting like wusses every chance they can get — threatening “a war that would have rallied Muslims all over the world” if Jones had gone through with it.  Really?  This is what’s going to start world jihad?  Cry me a river.  Unfortunately, for our Muslim friends that won’t stop other church groups from picking up the torch.

We partake in freedom of assembly, they threaten war, violence, and unrest.  Sad.  In many countries, Islam is being used as the justification for scapegoating popular anger away from local regimes who’ve completely failed in providing an environment for jobs, education, sanitation, food, etc., towards trivial foreign actions on the other side of the world.  Stoking those flames should be the real controversy.

In truth, Islam should be grateful that its main ideological competitor on Earth is Christianity, otherwise there wouldn’t be too many of them left — think about how many wars Christians could threaten and follow through on based on how Christians and Bibles are treated in Muslim countries.  Perspective, please.

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