9/11 Plus 9

by Ryan on September 11, 2010

in History,Nostalgia,War on Terror

The new Freedom Tower and financial complex begin to take shape from the ashes of the 9/11 attacks, which happened nine years ago this morning.  From the first plane hitting at 8:46am to the collapse of the second tower at 10:28am America was as frightened, angry, frustrated and confused as it has ever been.  It was one of those “where were you when” moments seared into our collective memory.  Everyone has a story.

Nine years on, our tense relationship with Islam is still in the news.  This seems to be the angle many news outlets are taking today, especially in lieu of the potential Koran burnings and subsequent reaction in the Muslim world, and of course the Ground Zero mosque.  It makes sense — the burnings would inflame and anger many, and the mosque is being built on a site where landing gear from the second plane hit the old building, making it literally a part of “ground zero.”  Both circumstances are perfectly legal, but riddled with bad taste.

This year I chose not to post a sad picture or one which evokes anger, but one of growth, moving on, and the future.  We’ll never forget what happened or forget the nature of our enemy, but that can’t stop us from looking forward.

By the way, I’m likely never going to treat this date as a “Day of Service.”  I’d rather forget about it completely than turn it into something it’s not.  I can “serve” any day.

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