Karl Rove’s Ruling Class View on O’Donnell

by Ryan on September 15, 2010

in Election 2010,Politics

Ruling class, Republican establishment if I ever heard it.  Here’s Karl Rove on Hannity’s show last night after it was announced that Christine O’Donnell defeated RINO Mike Castle:

Continuing the Castle smears (which ostensibly generates continued ammo for the Dems) while immediately shrugging off the race as a loss does nothing to get that “51st vote” out of Delaware, Mr. Rove.  Castle, in the meantime, has decided to take his toys and go home.

While Rove admits being “for the Republican” (very brave position coming from him), his attitude is that of the old Rockefeller Republican snob, upset that the riff-raff has dared showed up to the yacht.  I mean, who invited Christine O’Donnell to the party, anyway?  That’s right, the Republican Party of Delaware did!  Rove looks very much part of the past in this video.

However, O’Donnell did raise $500,000 today alone, while her opponent Chris Coons has become Harry Reid’s “pet.” Her chances in the general election already look much better today than a mere 24 hours ago.

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