Nicky, Meg, Jerry and the Future of California

by Ryan on October 3, 2010

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At the second California gubernatorial debate between Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown, the issue of illegal alien housekeeper Nicky Diaz came up early and often.  Since Univision sponsored the debate, Whitman should have known this was coming and should have prepared for Jerry Brown to tie every single issue he could back to it.

As far as I can tell, Diaz has no real legal case against Whitman, but that won’t stop the dirty politics from dominating the next four weeks.  What can a Democrat run on in 2010?  Simply, “My opponent sucks more than I do.”

So, the dirt will flow from now until November 2 in most close races throughout the nation, especially in California where the Dems hope that increasing Latino turnout for Brown will also help a struggling Barbara Boxer.  Turnout is the key to the 2010 elections and cynical personal attacks seem the best way Dems, who can’t run on their records nationally or locally, can increase their numbers on Election Day.

I thought for a second:  what if California elects an insider, big-union/big-amnesty recycled has-been like Jerry Brown?  The chorus of the 1996 Tool song “AEnema” shot through my brain:

Freaks are in the hopeless f*^king hole we call LA.
The only way to fix it is to flush it all away.
Any f@&king time, any f$#king way
Learn to swim — see you down in Arizona Bay.

I hope California veers away from the precipice they are quickly approaching.  This whole issue is so stereotypically contrived and media-driven, hitting in late September when Nicky was fired in June 2009.  Coincidental timing here?  Not at all.  One hopes Californians can see through it.

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