Randy Moss Traded to the Vikings

by Ryan on October 6, 2010

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After the first game of the season, all-time great wide receiver Randy Moss said that this would be his last season with the New England Patriots.  This morning word came out that he was being traded to the Minnesota Vikings for a mere third round draft pick… today!

As a Pats fan my emotions are mixed.  Truly the happiest people in the NFL reside in Minnesota, but the next happiest group plays in New Jersey.  The Jets have to be beaming — well, maybe after this Monday night, when the Jets play the Vikings and see Moss again.

My initial feeling was to be angry at Moss or diminish him in some way (# of rings without Randy this decade, three; # of rings with Randy, nil).  But, that’s just ridiculous.  The Brady-Moss duo connected for 23 touchdowns in the 2007 season, which beat out the Montana-Rice duo’s 22 TD’s back in 1987.  Truly awesome.  This man really is a great player and kept his attitude at bay for most of the last three years.  If he’s not catching, he’s certainly being guarded closely, which opens up the field for Brady and crew.  That is gone today.  That sucks.

But at the same time, Moss’s comments Week 1 seems to have left a bad taste in Belichick’s mouth, and was potentially toxic in the locker room.  It’s probably a good long-term decision, but in the short-term it feels weak — one decent draft pick?  It doesn’t seem enough.

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