On the Verge of Victory, Republicans Channel Their Whig Roots

by Ryan on October 13, 2010

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The Hill had a poll today which suggested that more than half of Americans are ready for a viable third party, but aren’t quite sure that the most obvious potential is their cup of “tea” (ha!).

What’s disturbing about this poll (let’s entertain it for the time being) is that 55% of Republicans want the Tea Party to be that third party!  If this happened, the Republicans would quickly revert to their former Whig ways.  If you’ve never heard of the Whigs, then I’ve made my point.

It would be a completely asinine move if the Tea Party took the media’s bait and became a true third party.  Presently, it’s a movement with constantly moving targets, that is dispersed everywhere, and truly grassroots — that’s its charm and the source of its power.  The MSM wants a target and an official posture from a typical third party so Alinsky’s rules of destruction can apply.  At present, the MSM is at a loss.

The Tea Party is where the energy is in American politics today and it’s also the new home of conservative activism.  Is “better Tea than GOP” going to be the new mantra from conservatives?

I hope not — running a conservative third party candidate in 2012 is Obama’s only hope for reelection.  The Republicans could deliver that on a silver platter if they push the Tea Party out of the tent.  So here are some tips for GOP survival in the 21st Century:  1.  Cease and desist any negative comments about Jim DeMint — he’s awesome;  2.  If Republican voters chose a particular Republican candidate in the primaries, don’t try to sabotage them;  3.  Get in the way of the Tea Party and you’ll get run over — embrace them because they are who Republicans should be, conservative and energized!

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