Circus on the View

by Mike on October 14, 2010

in Media Bias,Politics

Alright, so every day is a circus on the View.  Today was just a little louder than normal, at least more normal than the run of the mill Internet excerpt of the View.  You see, I’ve never actually seen an entire episode of the View.

Apparently, Bill O’Reilly said something that is essentially true, but should have been worded more precisely.  That caused Joyless Behar and Whoopi Goldberg to storm off the set, which in turn caused Barbara Walters to blow a gasket.  Since it’s viral now, here’s the video from today’s episode of “Five Idiots Plus Elizabeth Hasselbeck.”

I suppose there was a discussion in there somewhere.  For the record, yes, Muslims attacked us on 9-11.  And yes, there is a distinction that must be drawn between Muslims and Muslim extremists.  No need to throw a hissy fit.  Sadly, I think I now know what Allahpundit means by “obligatory post.”

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