A Portentous Stump in Massachusetts

by Ryan on October 17, 2010

in Election 2010,Politics

Who would have thought two years ago that President Obama would have to spend time in a busy 2010 midterm election cycle in deep-blue Massachusetts stumping for Governor “Hopes and Dreams” Deval Patrick?  But here we are.  Didn’t work so well for Martha Coakley, though.  However, this time a third party candidate is sucking votes away from the GOP’s choice, giving Patrick a 7-point lead in the latest local polls.

Nonetheless, Rasmussen projects at least a 55-seat gain by the GOP in the House and things very close in the Senate as things stand right now — a portend of things to come for the President’s party on election night.  Robert Gibbs says it’s all about local issues though.  No wonder he’s hanging with Deval these days.

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