Welfare State Burns in France

by Ryan on October 18, 2010

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The major issue all Western nations must deal with in the 21st Century is addressing the gap between what our governments (the “welfare state”, “social democracy”, or “big government”) have promised their constituents and those government’s ability to make good on their promises.  No country will be immune, and America’s moment is coming.

Not everyone will be happy with the choices we must deal with, especially the youth facing broken promises from their governments, and the unions on the ground stoking discontent.  Greece ached from major rioting and violence earlier this year.  Now France is feeling the burn.

French President Sarkozy suggested a mild austerity measure to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62.  That seems so minor from our point of view, but the French youth and unions are not happy at all.  Here’s a clip of recent violence:

I have been warning for a while that this scene will likely play out in American cities over the next few years as our economic day of reckoning nears.  Even with a potential Republican landslide in 15 days, the only guarantee is some gridlock and a more managed decline until Obama can join Jimmy in retirement.

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