Democrat Frank Caprio: Obama, Shove It!

by Ryan on October 25, 2010

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The three-way governor’s race in Rhode Island between Democrat Frank Caprio, the lovable college cokehead Independent Lincoln Chafee, and Republican John Robitaille is closer than many thought and just got much more interesting.  Real Clear Politics believes this race is really between Caprio and Chafee.  That being said, Chafee (renowned RINO and former Senate colleague of Obama’s) is the reason why Obama has not yet done the obvious thing and endorsed Democrat Caprio in this race.  On the radio this morning Caprio sounded a little miffed at that:

The money quote from the rest of that interview was this:

We had one of the worst floods in the history of the United States a few months back, and President Obama didn’t even do a flyover of Rhode Island like President Bush did when New Orleans had their problems. He ignored us, and now he’s coming to into Rhode Island and treating us like an ATM machine.
Here’s a video of some of that flooding.  I was stranded in RI for a day or two back in March because of that flooding and remember Obama going to Massachusetts without paying any notice to RI.  But to witness Democrat Frank Caprio dissing President Obama by praising Bush’s attention to New Orleans after Katrina?  Awesome!  Caprio’s wrong for the Ocean State and I wouldn’t vote for him if I lived in RI, but I just got a little more respect for the man.

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