A Back-Handed Gen X Compliment

by Ryan on October 28, 2010

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Is there any other kind?  As a proud member of Generation X, it was neat to read this in Christopher Orlet’s article on the American Spectator blog today:

My generation — Generation X — may not have lived through the Great Depression, defeated communism and fascism, and made America the greatest nation on earth, but we haven’t really done much in the way of global destruction either. That’s because we are at heart a bunch of slackers, and prefer to gaze at our own navels or play video games….

Therefore, if a few future-scolds want to condemn us for nursing homes, prisons, and crowded feed lots, I say we respond in true slacker fashion: with a collective “whatever.”

I like it.  The whole “whatever and ever, Amen” thing makes me wax nostalgic for the ’90s a bit.

Truth be told though, it’s those Gen X slackers who are going to end up saving the day.  Gen Xers will be the ones who will have to elbow the Boomer’s obtuse retirement expectations while simultaneously having to slap the hyper-sensitive mostly useless Millennials to man-up while they make the tough decisions — constraining the old idealist while focusing the youth towards realistic national goals.  When the slackers finally wake up, they’ll be the ones making things happen.

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