Voting Like It’s 1773!

by Ryan on November 1, 2010

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Tomorrow is Election Day and I’m an enthused voter!  It’s the only poll that really counts, and one that you can truly affect!

Here’s a prediction:  if the Republicans pick up less than 50 seats, I’ll be disappointed — a message needs to be sent.  I also think that the Senate will end up 53-47 Dems after tomorrow’s fallout.  I’d like to think that the GOP sweeps all the close ones, but one shouldn’t be too optimistic given the volatility of midterm elections and the Democrat’s penchant for conjuring up the votes they need in close races.  No results are carved in stone, and unless people show up to vote tomorrow could end badly.

As a closing argument, I found two ads which stood out this campaign season:

That ad used the old “Morning in America” template from Reagan’s 1984 campaign to effective use.  Here’s another ad, “China 2030,” which I just saw this morning.  It’s pretty scary:

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