Sal’s Election Day Predictions

by Sal on November 2, 2010

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Two years ago, voters, angry with George W. Bush and the GOP for the economy, the bailouts, and for spending like drunken sailors, gave the Democrats complete control of both houses of Congress and the Presidency.  Pundits declared the GOP dead, and any hope at a comeback years away, and then only if the GOP moderated its positions and did away with the conservative base. 

Fast forward to today.  We are now looking at a Congress whose levels of spending make the GOP’s reckless spending seem like pocket change.  We are looking at a Presidency far to the left of any that has been experienced in this country.  We are looking at a depressed and stagnant economy that shows no signs of immediate recovery. America is angry, and is poised to express that anger to the party in power, the Democrats.

I disagree slightly with my co-blogger Ryan on two points. First, I don’t think it’s a disappointment if the GOP doesn’t take back the Senate. The numbers in general were not favorable to the GOP this year in the Senate, as they had far more seats to defend. A year ago, no one thought there was even a mathematical possibility of a GOP takeover. Yet now it is seen as possible, albeit unlikely. A gain of 8 or 9 seats, although not changing control of the Senate, is a huge swing and would give the GOP far more leverage in the Senate. As far as predictions go, I also think that Ryan is a bit too pessimistic. Based on my analysis of the polls, I think that the GOP will not lose any seats it currently holds, and easily pick up Arkensas, North Dakota, Indiana, and Wisconsin. I also think the GOP will gain seats in Pennsylvania, Colorado, Nevada, Illinois, and either Washington or West Virginia. We will lose California, giving Bags another term, for a total gain of 9 seats, bringing the Senate to a 50-50 tie. Should we win both WV and WA, or somehow win California or Connecticut, we will gain control of the Senate. Still, my prediction stands at a 9 seat gain.
The House is a different story. We are going to clean out the House in a big way, gaining 60 seats, giving the GOP a 21 seat advantage. The GOP will also capture the majority of governorships, controlling at least 30 states.

All in all, it will be a good day for the GOP, and a slap in the face to liberalism. So get out and vote! Let’s make history.

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