America Defends OUR Human Rights Record?

by Ryan on November 6, 2010

in International Relations

After I laughed a bit, I noticed that the UN wasn’t joking about this one.  Yesterday, America continued to allow itself to be subject to scrutiny regarding our apparently terrible human rights record by a UN forum on the topic.  Allegedly, we discriminate, racially profile, have overcrowded prisons, still have the death penalty, are religiously intolerant, and have the gall not to ratify self-destructive international treaties.  This makes us worse than Hitler, I suppose.

While the administration apparatchik defended our side to the best of a liberal’s ability, we shouldn’t have even shown up.  How’s that Falun Gong group doing, China?  How about that “homosexual phenomenon” in Iran?  What about all the freedom of the press in Venezuela?  What about Mexico’s border enforcement laws?  How about that mess in Darfur?  And on and on.  Tell me, who’s supposed to cast that first stone again?

Give me a break.  The UN is just piling on for the typical reasons of trying to take America down a peg in world affairs, refuse to acknowledge our exceptionalism, and weaken our economic potential.  Come to think of it:  sounds like they would fit in nicely in the Obama administration!

I think next time Congress discusses UN funding, the word “austerity” should come up over and over again.

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