Strange Object Over California

by Ryan on November 9, 2010

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Last night, something strange appeared over the skies of Southern California.  It looked like a rocket.  See for yourself:

Experts believe that it was probably an airplane, but the Pentagon doesn’t know:  there were no missile tests scheduled for that time;  neither the Navy nor the Air Force were running operations there last night;  meteors generally go down, not up;  and as of now no commercial or private airplane has been identified as the culprit either.

So what was it?  A phantom jet?  The military just not admitting to a secret test?  A rogue nation or a Mexican drug cartel messing with us?  A terrorist dry-run?  Who knows!  I do get the feeling that the official line will somehow be disappointing.

However, ancient mystics used to believe that unusual signs from the sky tended to portend a coming disaster.  California did just re-elect Jerry Brown… just sayin’.

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