Quidditch, a New Collegiate Sport Sensation?

by Ryan on November 13, 2010

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The fantasy game from the Harry Potter universe, quidditch, is played on brooms and includes a magic ball called a “snitch,” meaning it’s not likely played faithfully amongst the muggle community.  However, it’s not for lack of trying!

Over the years, numerous colleges and high schools around the world have tried to adapt the game for us non-magic folk.  Here’s a sample of what they came up with:

Not bad, with one huge exception in my opinion:  having the broom between the legs would be much more fun if drinks were involved, but since this seems like a “dry” game it looks kind of silly and limits the athletic potential for the game.  If they simply held the broom, or used it to throttle people, then cool.  But then, is it really quidditch without a broom between your legs?  Is it even really quidditch anyway?

Regardless, I do think that with drinks this could be really fun for us average folks!

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