Obama’s Asia Trip, Bush’s Book Tour Offer Contrast

by Ryan on November 14, 2010

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President Obama is on his way home from his $200 million to $2 billion trip to Asia (no one’s coming forward with trusted ballpark figures so those are the generally accepted bookends).  There were lots of photo-ops of him and Michelle dancing, having a great time, Obama giving speeches to interested audiences, glad-handing lots of world leaders.

However, in typical Obama form we had lots of show with nothing to show for it:  China is NOT going to play fair with its currency, South Korea’s NOT going to go along with Obama’s free trade scheme, and the G20 scolded him on our globally destructive QE2 currency devaluation.  What’s with Democrats insisting on negotiating from a position of weakness?  We get the same result every time!

However, while Obama was away, former President Bush did play.  The UK Telegraph called it “The Decider returns to haunt Mr. Nuance.”  I thought it was a good move, especially after November 2!

Bush’s “compassionate conservatism” was merely progressivism-lite, he actively encouraged the housing bubble through his “Ownership Society” mantra, and sat idly by as America de-industrialized and our currency began its current devaluation trend.  He’ll never be a “great” president, nor do I think he deserves that title.  But, on foreign policy Bush made tough decisions and stuck by them, used American power to our benefit wherever possible, and even if countries didn’t like us, they had to respect us.

That all seems like so long ago.  That’s partially why I agree with the pundits who say that only Obama’s staggering level of aloof incompetence could have rehabilitated Bush so quickly.  And we have two more years in the Obama Nation — heck, Bush could look like Abe Lincoln by 2013!

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