Sarah Palin’s Alaska Off to a Good Start

by Mike on November 15, 2010

in Politics,Reality Television

I was a little a skeptical when I found out that Sarah Palin was going to star in her own reality show on TLC.  For a candidate who has been the target of a media propaganda campaign that often tries to trivialize her, starring on a reality show risks playing right into their hands.  Who needs to report on Levi Johnston to ignore a policy speech on the folly of QE2 when the Governor herself provides the material?  Well, I tuned into the show last night and was pleasantly surprised.

Sarah Palin’s Alaska was nothing like the train wreck people come to expect from realty TV.  The show follows the Palin family around while they explore the natural beauty of Alaska.  The first episode showed, among other things, the Palins fishing in close proximity to a family of brown bears and climbing a portion of Mt. McKinley.  Sometimes they travel with the family by Winnebago and at other times they travel by small aircraft as many Alaskans do.   During their downtime, the Palins come across as any other normal American family.  While Sarah works at home, she also worries about things like how to raise teenagers and how to deal with a creepy neighbor.

Those who love Palin will love the show.  Those who hate the woman will continue to do so.  The benefit to Palin will come from those who think they dislike Palin based on what they’ve seen through the MSM filter.  Those people will watch the person who was the most popular Governor in America before the media tried to destroy her.  And if the ratings are any clue, people are watching.

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