Jay Rockefeller’s Statist “Bug”

by Ryan on November 18, 2010

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In a way, political polarization can be a good thing because it gets rid of the blurriness between the sides:  are you for more speech or less?  more government or less?  more personal freedoms or less? etc.  Here is liberal West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller on the issue of speech on cable news:

Get rid of Fox News and MSNBC through the FCC?  Really? As a conservative and avid Fox News viewer, I truly appreciate MSNBC!  I say keep them on with all the liberal guests they can find — loud and proud, MSNBC, loud and proud!  That’s because I believe in more speech, not less, and while the Left will lose on the battlefield of ideas, no one should shut them up by force.

Rockefeller obviously disagrees and apparently when that “bug” (0:44) shows up the coercive power of the federal government should dictate what is acceptable cable news viewing for the obviously confused and frustrated plebs.  Statism, if there ever was such a thing.

We’re going to see tons of these “polarizing” contrasts over the next two years.

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