Obama Evokes Reagan on Nuke Treaty

by Ryan on November 20, 2010

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The prospective treaty with Russia regarding nuclear inspections hit a hurdle when Arizona Senator Jon Kyl called for more time to look through the details, prompting President Obama to say:

“Those who would block this treaty are breaking President Reagan’s rule — they want to trust, but not verify.”
Here’s our post-partisan president going into the muck once again!  I feel like I need a bath every time Obama even mentions Ronald Reagan.  As for the treaty itself, from what I know about it I’m heads-or-tails — I’m not concerned about Russian nuke placements or stockpiles as long as we each still have enough nukes to end humanity, the deterrent remains.
However, I found the left’s arguments this morning fascinating.  President Obama sounds like he’s back in the Cold War, being the latest piece of a five-president continuum down this road to sticking flowers in the barrels of our silos.  Heck, he won his Nobel Peace Prize (which Gandhi never even won, by the way) on his nuke rhetoric, so I see why this is important to him.  The economy’s important to every other American, though, which is what Republican Mitch McConnell focused his radio address on.
I also dug up this leftist article which made me laugh out loud!  Here’s a progressive actually saying “partisan politics ends at the water’s edge.”  Ha!  Where was this guy during the Iraq War, I wonder?  The author even called Kyl’s behavior traitorous!  But I guess Harry Reid, little Dick Durbin, John Kerry, and crew should have statues made for their steadfast non-partisan water’s edge patriotism over the last decade, right?  These progressives are just plain silly.
So, Obama’s emulating a president he hates, and some leftists are complaining about partisan politics in foreign affairs?  Must be a full moon this weekend.

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