Korean Crisis in the Making

by Ryan on November 23, 2010

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North Korea fired multiple shells onto a South Korean island in the Yellow Sea, killing two South Korean marines and wounding 14 yesterday.  The artillery shelling between North and South lasted an hour-and-a-half, making this exchange the most intense outside the DMZ since the Korean War ended in 1953.

The US seems prepared, as ever under the Obama Nation, to send a strongly worded statement to the North Koreans.  Here’s another option:

I agree with Michael Scheuer’s assessment, especially regarding the intention of the world’s weak politicians (read: Obama & Co.) to talk their way out of truly dealing with this.  “No Drama” Obama is sending the cool message of saber-rattling in word while relying on appeasement through non-engagement in deed.  But our leader was very busy today passionately speaking in Indiana about those evil “tax cuts for the rich” at a Chrysler celebration!

Tax cuts are a problem; North Korea’s actions are strategically complicated and require nuance.  Like anyone else who’s paying attention, Kim Jung Il and son can certainly sense the President’s priorities.

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rightonoz November 24, 2010 at 7:41 am

Hi Ryan,

I agree that the world will probably be far too timid in the response, however I disagree that this is attributable to Obama and the left.

We must remember that under GWB the US and rest of world were no more decisive with the lunatics in North Korea.


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