By now you’ve heard:  WikiLeaks has everyone at State and Defense in a complete react mode after several media outlets published some of the estimated 250,000 secret, classified, and other type documents.  Many other sites have complete coverage, so here’s one link which digs into the minutia thoroughly.

However, the New York Times’ hypocrisy cannot go unaddressed:  whereas the legality of those ClimateGate emails prevented them from seriously covering that story, the legality of the WikiLeaks documents is apparently no deterrent in this case.  But, I digress.

With choices come consequences.  In this case, WikiLeaks obtained very sensitive information which will negatively affect millions of people in dozens of countries.  They made a choice, as did our media, as will our politicians.  The consequences related to these documents will be likely be far-reaching and damaging to all involved.

This also happens to fit in well with the far left’s agenda:  this breech of trust, security, and the candid nature of some documents will inevitably take America down a peg.  We’ll be less trusted, less relied upon overseas, scrutinized more by our friends, and less feared by our enemies in the short term, despite how much new information is actually in the documents.  The damage is done — the general level of chaos and stress rises, suiting only those who seek to benefit from the discord.

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