Senate Republicans to Make Lame Ducks More Lame

by Ryan on December 1, 2010

in Economy,Election 2010,Media Bias,Politics

In a clear understanding of what happened a month ago at the polls, all 42 Senate Republicans signed a letter to Harry Reid saying first thing’s first:  tax policy and spending, then the nanny state nonsense.  Of course, the MSM has dusted off the old 1990s handbook regarding “gridlock” and other obstructionist terms to demonize the Republicans who are only reflecting the voter’s will.  But that approach is old.

No lucid interpretation of the 2010 Elections can conclude that the country wants the parties to work together; the Democrat Party got a national thumping from dog-catcher on up.  Rather, they want the Obama-Pelosi-Reid axis stopped or at the very least slowed.  Being deliberate is key, though some commentators on the Right seem ready to roll over on that concept.  At least for now the Senate Republicans seem ready to put the nation’s priorities in proper alignment.

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