NASA: Life Finds Another Way

by Ryan on December 2, 2010

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NASA had some big news today regarding the discovery that arsenic can also be used with phosphorus as a basic building block of life.  The gist to us lay folk is that it was thought that only a certain cocktail of elements could produce life, but NASA’s research has found that life is more creative.  Hence, our search for life around the cosmos includes looking for the presence of arsenic on distant worlds.

First of all, I’m happy that NASA’s in the science business again.  Also, this makes me feel better about science in general.  The man-made global warming crowd relied on a marriage between politics (those who fund) and science (those who need funding) which never ends well and makes the public cynical.  Not to say NASA’s not beaming with all the new interest (and funding, of course) today’s announcement brings, but this discovery really changes things in astrobiology and the way we look at the universe — devoid of politics too!

Life finds another way; one we didn’t anticipate.  Kind of seems like life wants to happen (uh oh, chew on that one!)  I know we’re talking about potentially finding bacteria on other worlds and not the cantina in Star Wars.  But it’s still cool thinking that it’s more likely that we may actually have alien life on Titan or Europa or somewhere unexpected, which would once again redefine our place in the universe.

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