Early Buzz on Tax Cut Deal

by Ryan on December 6, 2010

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Some early buzz is that Obama is willing to extend the Bush tax cuts (like he politically has a choice) if the Republicans agree to extending unemployment benefits for another 13 (gulp) months.

Obama’s in a bit of a jam here:  he politically must extend the tax cuts for all Americans, but by doing so he’ll alienate his base.  Throwing them a bone by extending unemployment benefits for what would end up being three years for some is not likely to be politically feasible either.  Thirteen weeks, maybe, but thirteen months is a non-starter, especially with 22 Democrat Senators up in two years.

This is only buzz, however, probably being floated in the MSM to compile polling data.  If true though, and the Republicans don’t fight this compromise down to 13 weeks, their base will erupt.  Personally, I’d like the 99ers to “work” harder at finding a “job” instead.  From my point of view I’m not happy paying for them to wait around until they find a “good” job, just a job-job so they become producers, not recipients.

UPDATE:  The “framework” for a deal is done:  tax cuts get extended (minus the estate tax), but a 13-month jobless benefit extension is, in fact, part of this bargain.  I’m in that part of the conservative base who’s very displeased with the lack of muscling the Republicans did on this given their electoral leverage (Obama should have started at 13 months and ended up with four or five at most!), but was pleased with Obama’s tense and whiny performance at the press conference.

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Name: Mark December 6, 2010 at 8:59 pm

Like we didn’t see this coming? And I am sure that none of us will be surprised when all Bush era tax cuts are extended for years and jobless benefits are not extended. Obama is a fucking Republican and the biggest fucking idiot in the world.


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