Tax Cut Compromise: Sabotaging the Hostage Takers?

by Ryan on December 8, 2010

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The statist left is irate!  Our latest plunge into a Keynesian morass isn’t doing enough damage fast enough for some on the left and Obama is stuck defending his actions to his own base.  You’d think someone died listening to Obama defend extending the Bush tax cuts and you’d think someone was murdered listening to the kook left on the same issue!  We know what Obama thinks about the Republicans he’s working with:

In response to the left’s disarray, Obama economic adviser Larry Summers had to threaten Dems that a double-dip recession would materialize if they DON’T pass the compromise measure!  As you can guess, immediately a Democrat door was shut and all sorts of goodies are likely being added to the package, putting Republicans in a position to possibly vote it down if amnesty or the public option are stuck in!

Way to be post-partisan, mature, stately, grown-up, Mr. President!  But, I digress.  So, we have vile hostage takers on one side of the issue and the left ready to possibly sabotage the President’s first attempt at a real compromise on the other.  Even those like lefty Howard Fineman can see where this might lead our President and his party.

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