House Dems Reject Tax Deal

by Ryan on December 9, 2010

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This afternoon the “lame duck” House Democrats have decided that the compromise tax cut deal reached between Obama and the Republicans will not be voted upon without major tinkering.  Mind you, it would pass, but at this moment the Dems don’t want anything be voted on that a majority of the Democrats won’t agree to.

This demonstrates what the statists in Congress think about themselves:  they just got the biggest electoral smack-down in over 60 years, a complete top-down repudiation of their accomplishments, but they still won’t believe that they’ve lost  will of the people and act as if that will doesn’t even matter — they want their pork, they don’t want to compromise or even face reality.  Just because you believe something, does not make it so.  Avoiding this kind of embarrassment is why “lame duck” sessions of Congress rarely ever do anything.

The Republicans should vote against any bill tinkered with by the Dems which is not identical to their deal with Obama, then wait until January and be the people’s heroes.

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Eric Lindholm December 10, 2010 at 10:06 pm

The Party of NO! Heh.


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